Usawa loan app, how to apply, rates, contacts and what you need to know


Usawa loan app, how to apply, rates, contacts and what you need to know

Usawa loan app, how to apply, rates, contacts and what you need to know.

Usawa loan is offered by applying for the loan using your smartphone via the Usawa loan app on Google play. The loan amount once offered to you and accepted is sent to your registered Mpesa number.

The terms of your Usawa loan, including the loan amount, repayment schedule, the loan interest rate, and any additional Usawa associated fees will be presented to you during the loan offer shown on your phone.

Money sent by Usawa to you and Usawa loan repayments to be made will all be done using Mpesa to your Mpesa account.

Once you take a loan from Usawa, ensure you pay back your loan plus the interest fee on time and as per your repayment schedule detailed at the time of your loan offer.

All successful applicants will receive their loans to their Mpesa account from Usawa Mpesa B2C number 843566.

When you are ready to pay for your Usawa loan repayment, payment will be made from your Mpesa to Usawa Paybill number 352032.

How to apply for Usawa loan

To apply for Usawa loan, just download and install the Usawa Loan App from Google play store, and apply for your loan using the option on the app. On Google play store, once you download the Usawa apk app file, simply install to allow you to apply for a loan.

Before you apply please note, there may be a KES 400 registration fee which we found was strange as no other loan app in Kenya that we have reviewed has asked for registration fe when applying for a loan.

We would think, mostly when Kenyans are looking for loans, one is in a tight situation to even start being asked for a registration fee may seem silly.

Take caution too, since there is a good number of Kenyans who have applied for Usawa loan, paid the registration of KES 400 and got a loan of KES 350. If true, this ethically is not right.

Usawa loan app interest rate was another concern. One Usawa customer shared with us that the Usawa interest rate was too high, they paid a registration fee of KES 400 then got a loan of 350sh, the second time they borrowed a loan of 450 only to pay 652.

Kindly share your experiences if you have applied for Usawa loan and let others know if you like it or dislike the loan service offered by Usawa.

Before taking a loan it is wise to read our 5 Questions to ask yourself before you take a Loan.


Usawa loan interest fee, varies between 5 to 33% of the loan amount per 30 day advance period.


Usawa loan late payment may attract an extension fee.

Once you fail to pay within the specified time as per your initial loan offer agreement, an interest free extension will be offered and if you fail to pay too within that time frame, the loan will be rolled over or a period of at least two weeks, and that is what attracts the extension fee.

The extension date and fee for any Usawa loan late payment will be decided and communicated to you by Usawa.

Make your loan repayments to Usawa Paybill number 352032.

Usawa Paybill number 352032


For Usawa loan contacts, their email and telephone number may come in handy. To contact Usawa use the contacts details below:

Email: [email protected]

SMS ONLY LINE: 254790639990

Take note when contacting Usawa using the telephone number, you will only be able to use SMS. Calling the Usawa contact number may go unanswered.

Usawa Loan App
Usawa Loan App

If you have used the Usawa loan app kindly share your experience in the comment section to help other Kenyans make a better decision before getting a loan from Usawa.

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  1. Joseph Ojango says:

    You pay kshs. 400 while you qualify for a lesser loan which you keep on waiting for.


    I feel you are just unfair,I got a loan of 800, on 21/1/2021 ,on the next day 22nd u send an SMS demanding I repay your loan of 1120 or you list me in crb ,will I be working for the organisation.?please clarify .

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